We are open for business during the Covid-19 business closure, but are exercising social distance protocols.

To Our Valued Clients and Friends,

As the world navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to our firm that we share with you the steps we are taking to keep the interests of our clients protected. We have seamlessly transitioned employees to work remotely while maintaining all our systems to run as smoothly as possible. Here are the current plans we have in place:

  • The CEP attorneys and staff have been equipped with laptops and will be working remotely, with a small skeleton crew maintaining functions in each office.
  • Our information security and teleworking devices ensure that our clients’ information remains as secure as ever, especially when we are working remotely. Security policies have been reviewed and we are aware of the importance of safeguarding information.
  • We are exchanging e-filing information among attorneys and staff so we are ready to assist on litigation deadlines should the need arise.
  • In the unfortunate case of someone needing time off for illness, we are exchanging current workloads and deadlines to ensure that all cases are accounted and fully covered.

The relationships we have with our clients are extremely important to us, and we ensure you that we have essential personnel in the office to receive and process incoming mail, monitor and respond to all e-mails with a sense of urgency, make and receive phone calls, and participating in numerous phone and video conferences with our clients, colleagues and other attorneys.

While professionals work to find a treatment or vaccination, we strive to promote prevention and overall wellness. We will continue to keep you posted on our status, but if you have question in the interim, we can be reached at any time on our email or phone system.

Your Team at Center for Estate Planning and Lipson Neilson PC

You can email Steven Malach at SMalach@lipsonneilson.com.

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